Kamisori Damascus Collection Hairdresser

The Damascus Collection

These models are manufactured one-by-one by the most respected Japanese blade-smiths with a tradition steeped in the finest craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next.

The Dragon Collection

Each pair is cleverly constructed using results from years of study, research, and testing. Our Dragon collection brings the hairdresser refreshingly stylish, well-balanced, and precise shears.

Kamisori Dragon Collection
Titanium Collection Home

The Titanium Collection

A dazzling example of Japanese precision engineering married with high-fashion. Unleash your Creativity.

Shear Storage Solutions

Our new collection of luxury holsters, bags, and cases is designed specifically for modern professional hair-artist. Whether they’re made from Top grain leather or non-leather, we make sure to use the finest materials and first-class craftsmanship.

Kamisori Accessories

From Combs, Texturing Razors, to Kamisori Swag. Check out more quality items to complete your arsenal. 

Left-Handed Models

We understand finding shear selections for lefties can be limited. That’s why we try our best to bring our best models available in left-handed versions. Here are the selection of all of our shears that come in lefty options. 

quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten