Butterfly Professional Haircutting Shears


This tool takes the phrase ‘float like a butterfly , sting like a bee’ to a whole new level: light weight yet razor sharp!

· A signature Kamisori model
· Great for all cutting techniques on both wet and dry hair


This model comes with:
· Exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty
· One-year drop warranty
· Satisfaction guarantee
· Luxury Kamisori case

List of awards:
American Salon Pro's Choice (multi-year)
Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (multi-year)
Hairdresser Journal Stylists Choice
Canadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite tools
Coiffure de Paris

*Easy interest-free payment plan available!


5.25, 5.75



Star Rating


Handle Type

Super Offset

Steel Type


Rockwell Hardness



Slice, Slither, Wet, Dry

Type of Edge

Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex

Type of Finger Rest


Tension System

Super durable ball-bearing system 

Number of Teeth



20-25 years

8 reviews for Butterfly Professional Haircutting Shears

Amazing quality. This pair really screams Japanese Shear. Definitely exceeded my expectation on this one! Thank you1

I love the handle and cutting ability on this model, A+

très bon, rien à redire

Hah, I finally get why i is named a butterfly. It takes all the stress out from the heavy angle shearing and cuts through the hair quite sharply. Wow!

I kind of love it how they make me feel- smooth and easy all the way!

Impressed, will be trying more and updating!

My first pick when it comes to light hair styles and cutting.

These are so good to cut with! Will order again soon! I need a texturizer.

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