Kamisori Sharpening Service

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The service fee includes the return shipping fee, sharpening, aligning, balancing, and cleaning, all performed to factory specifications. *For 1 Shear.

Download the Sharpening form from the link in your confirmation email and/or the download section of My Account section and follow the instructions.

Preview: Sharpening Instructions

Note: Sharpening Orders are Non-Refundable


*Please Order Sharpening Services separately from your regular Orders if you are using Payment Plan*

The time frame depends on where you’re located, how fast we receive your shears, and what type of service you choose. The service process from the time we receive your shears to when we ship them back usually takes 1 or 2 business days. How fast we receive your shears and how fast they arrive depends on which type of service you choose. The total turnaround time for our general service is usually 1-2 weeks. Priority service is also available.

After you have successfully completed checkout an order confirmation will be emailed to you. Once you get this email you can go ahead and send your shears to the nearest address below for service.

Service Type

Standard, Priority

2 reviews for Kamisori Sharpening Service

  1. Toni

    Kurtis of KB Shears is my regular sharpener. My shears are always returned within 5 days of when I mail them. When I get them back they cut perfect.

  2. KRC

    Sent my Black Diamond to Shears by Don Nathan in Maryland! They had great communication throughout the entire process, and had them back in the mail much faster than I expected; they even put “fragile please handle with care” stickers on the box! They also included a form detailing the number/size/location of nicks that were removed, the beginning and ending weight, and any other services that were performed (balancing, cleaning, etc.). My shears feel, look, and cut like they are brand new! I definitely recommend sharpening through Kamisori’s service; they are clearly affiliated with talented, trustworthy business owners!

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